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playing polo3dm5 berserker  - [09/02/2002] 
 My new map is here, the screen shots on the right are old, so dont take care about the lights on it, the final level is better and you can grab it here for free! :) Here is the direct download link it is also on the maps page. I have never tried it in TDM, maybe it is playable :) of course with the CPMA mod (always the best mod for playing Q3)

tow lvl reviews today!  - [09/02/2002] 

revolution 909 by polo (CTF 6-16 player

You know you are in for a treat as soon as you spawn in. With custom textures provided by shaderlab, the map oozes ambience. Slightly reminiscent of the best of Threewave, the large corridors and grand scale support about as many people as you want to cram in. Only the quad and the regen are available for powerups, but placement is perfect. As are all the weapon positions. The layout is symmetrical but initially confusing. Well marked corridors shorten the learning curve and the tight flag rooms make the multiple path assault both easier for the attacker and the defender. True finesse by a master of the genre. Bots played well, but were pretty consistent on the path choice, making them fairly easy to defend against.
One of the best CTF maps Iíve ever played.

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

apologie by polo (DM/Tourney 2-4 player

A beautifully crafted salute to Deathmatch that will leave you spellbound and salivating like Pavlovís dog. Custom textures complete a truly outstanding level. This tight, fast creation will leave you breathless with its frantic pace - helped by a couple of teleports (reminiscent of Quake1) that pop you from one side to the other in a blink. There are no errors, item placement is flawless - its very hard to control any part of the level - making for some exceptional game play.
Bots played amazingly well, even with the default selection (TankJr and Visor) but I would advise 4 or 2 players as the best games.

Grab this level NOW !

Reviewed by Brad 'notime' Kiefer

apologie is the same map as ospdm10.

M3A - the map  - [09/02/2002] 
 The M3amap2 will came soon now, the project will include a very big clan arena and 5 duel arena, i can say 2v2 arena also because some of the arenas are scaled for that, mine for exemple ;)
Kabal from The Multi Arena Head Quarter team has made an interview of Unitool: the man of the first m3a team, and QPsiren: the one who make some hard work for the comming second map. Don't forget to read it, they speak of the future of M3a, and news sceens shots at the end.
So, maybe some changes in m3a future cause of the lack of players on customs RA3 maps, probably they love Ra3map1 so much... or they don't know anything else... for me if the next project is cool i will probably stay in the team.

And polo3dm5 need some extra dťtail, beta testing but it is still here in my projects.

New graphics on my webpage  - [09/02/2002] 
 today i have spend a lot of time to make this, but the result is here. All pictures are made with illustrator and the rest on photoshop. gg adobe and thanks!
No mapping news for the moment.


polo3dm5 - in progress  - [09/02/2002] 
 for this map, i have chosen a red/orange base texturing style, for some people it mean Q2 ;) . It is deffinitly my kind of colors ( i like those base Q2 maps ) . You can take a look at this screenshot.

hum... , i am a bit inspired by the fantastic Q2 revival mappak.

polo3dm5 will be a big map, for some big ffa or teamplay (maybe?) so it take lot of time to build. It is my biggest project.

polo3dm4 is out  - [09/02/2002] 
 some good frags here, check the maps page and download it, i think it is my best map for gamplay. Bots play as they could this level, some tourney here and it will be the time for polo3dm5 (i have some ideas) maybe a big dm/tdm map.

here is a direct link for download

polo3dm4 - check back later...  - [09/02/2002] 
 the map is not ready but it will not be too long now, just some testing. Duel on it is very fast, i have put a red armor and a yellow one, there will be no railgun on it. Remember cpm7 :)
before you have the map on your hard drive i give to you some screenshots on the right.

the defrag is a real sucess, some of the demo are really great, they beat some enbelivable scores! the plan is 2 maps for 2 week or somethings like that, so there is some job for mappeurs.

the m3amap2 is curently in beta. the compilation of the map is very very long

and now i am waiting for bal3dm5 :)

defrag website is alive!  - [09/02/2002] 
 The defrag solo mod for Quake III Arena has been released. This mod bases success on ability, not skill against the bots or other players. It involves completing challenges and runs as quickly as possible. It is compatible with Quake 3 v1.27 and v1.29. The five best players on each map will have their times and demos published on the website.
no maps by me because another version of the defrag is in progress with the cpm physics. my maps will be downloadable when this version come out.

polo3dm5 polo3dm4 polo3dm3 polo3ctf1

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